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Photo retouching is mandatory in all professional photography jobs. The image editing software could do a lot that a photographer cannot achieve in the shooting stage. The amount of retouching or digital manipulation depends upon the purpose of the image and the medium where it will be used.


Chennai Portrait Photography’s retouching team is led by Preethaa who has got years of experience in performing professional retouching. Our team is trained to look for details, aesthetics and ethics of photography retouching. Our team who are highly qualified graphic designers and artists look in to the quality and perfection of every retouching job we undertake.


Photo retouching, background removal or change, image compositing, image staking, colour replacement, body retouching and reshaping, photo restoration, photo montage, photo art, product and location photo retouching, graphic design, wedding album or photo book, coffee table book design are the variety of jobs we undertake.


    Portrait retouching services include

  • Spot, wrinkles, braces, blemishes, eye bags, tattoos removal
  • Skin retouching without loosing the original texture
  • Stray and loose hair removal, teeth whitening and fixing
  • Double chin, high cheek, chubby cheek removal
  • Face and body reshaping, make-up and dress correction
  • Back ground enhancement, replacement, alteration
  • Specs glare, unwanted objects removal
  • Adding natural make-up and softening effect


    Product retouching service include

  • Cleaning, polishing, adding sheen, brightness, colour, sharpness
  • Removing glare, scratches, fingerprints and unwanted details
  • Colour replacement, background change or removal


The tariff depends on the amount of retouching required for a job and will be classified as Basic, Medium and Advanced retouching.


We also undertake the design for banners, brochures, booklets, flyers, posters, leaflets, gift coupons, outdoor and indoor displays.