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At Chennai Portrait Photography we understand the value of our clients and we do every bit of the process professionally. Our photographers are trained to handle any kind of subjects be it an infant or a huge extended family group or a business tycoon. We prefer meeting our clients in our studios prior to the planned shoot.

S-Portraits 01

Once the client visits our studio for the shoot, we see that they are comfortable. A professional make-up cabin with a change room with all facilities could make them check for details of their appearance. Properties if needed are used with the most suitable lighting and backgrounds.

S-Portraits 03

Suggestion from the clients are also taken and implemented whenever possible. At all occasions, we feel that the decision of the photographers is final, for they know their job and they are the experts.

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End of the day, every single image that leaves our studios, has a Chennai Portrait Photography quality stamp which our clients will cherish for their life time.