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New beginnings

The beginning of a new life is one of the most incredible things. I love being able to be there and capture these wonderful new born baby portraits.We try to make these memories timeless. I’m sure that these will be treasured by their parents for a very long time.

The key to photographing newborns is taking your time, following their lead and above all doing everything safely. In order to keep the focus on the precious newborn I keep my props very simple and pure.

This little boy was absolutely adorable. He wasn’t interested to stay in bed, all he wanted was to stay in arms of his dad and get lots of snuggles and I let him stay the way he wanted. He slept and posed like a champ and I could capture those beautiful smiles and comfort he had with his dad. The window light and colors of blue and black blended really well in the picture.Blog_FIRM_02

Now that is one sleepy baby! As soon as her belly was filled, she was ready for a nap. While I was waiting, I got this picture which looks cute and natural for a newborn baby.I am always keen on black and white pictures. They convey a lot of emotions. This picture looks even more interesting in black and white, which draws the attention to the expression of the baby.Blog_FIRM_03

I did everything I could with her to wake her from her nap. At the very end, she started to wake up, smiled, yawned and came up with all those super adorable expressions. And she could look right into my camera like she knew that she was being captured. The spread of background gives fairy effect with the combination of pink and grey.

The importance of planning your newborn photography session cannot be understated. Some photographers I know invest in posing guides, others do keep a few inspirational images. You need to be flexible and prepared for anything, organizing the day can minimize the stress and maximize your success.