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Working with a wonderful Model..

How many of us had opportunities to work with beautiful professional models? – An enchanting model shoot! This blog is about the model, Ms.Prachi Sri who worked with us for a fashion portfolio shoot.

It was after a very long time; I truly enjoyed working with a model for one of our student’s practical shoots. We shot at least five different costume variations in less than three hours! We got her on a very short notice for posing in a learning environment for advanced photography students. She was hired through a model agency. Our assistant photographer briefed Prachi about the shoot and the requirements over the phone. She was not carrying the ‘Model’ tag during the conversation but very practical, when my assistant spoke to her.

I was surprised to find her arrive at our studios on time and ready with her costume and accessory spread in our change room waiting for me to finalise them. A rarity among models these days. She has She greeted me with a friendly smile and a warm handshake. She was attentive (not pretending to be busy on the phone or sending a message on a chat) when she was explained about the purpose of the shoot. She tried her best to understand the shoot, particularly about the limitation of time and styling.

I introduced her to the make-up artist. She worked without any apprehensions and did not give any weird expression to him instead responded the ideas of the make-up artist very positively without interfering in the choice of make-up colours, shades of lipstick, eyeliners, brushes and strokes. She respected the suggestions and did not demand a particular brand product! Most surprisingly, she did not keep her legs on the makeup mirror table and demanded a particular juice and sandwiches from a particular restaurant on arrival. She was very polite and suggestive in her ideas. When I insisted on certain changes, she respected the artist in me and agreed to wear and do the poses and expressions I wanted.

She understood my photographic language and maintained the position, pose and expression till she was asked to ‘relax’. Unlike few other models, she did not have any reservations on costumes, accessories and poses. She was neither looking into the monitors or asking me to show the images in the middle of the shot. She did not get irritated when a lighting was fine tuned or her dress is pinned at her back for beauty.

She did not have any apprehension about the photographers. She followed the instructions throughout and was able to do minute changes in the look, expression, pose and feel. I could say that she was involved in the shoot totally without any inhibitions. Surprisingly she did not make a call or did answer any call when she was in front of the camera. She did not ask for any excuses to do something personal. Most importantly she did not say that she needs to leave earlier for another assignment or to catch an imaginary flight!

She maintained the same level of energy throughout the shoot and said thanks to all of us including our budding student photographers and studio assistants when I called for pack-up. Because of the model’s involvement, dedication, passion, and professionalism, we had happy shooting hours and stunning results well within the limited time. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ms.Prachi and wish her all the success as a professional model.